We’re disrupting the global medical and pharmaceutical industry pioneering the future of medical wearable technology.

We’re building a patented web application interface, creating a new system of patient care including cost control and EARLY INTERVENTION.

We’re offering those who partner with us the opportunity to change the world for millions of sufferers globally.

There are 30 million people globally suffering from Alzheimer’s and that number is expected to triple by 2050.

There is an urgent need to develop new treatments and make them available to sufferers on an expedited timeline at a reasonable cost.

The speed-to-market advantage, reasonable consumer cost, and safety of Heugenis Memory Lenses™ are all favorable factors for the rapid adoption of our wearable tech by the current 30 million Alzheimer’s sufferers globally.

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Contact us if you'd like to learn more about investment opportunities, or if you would like to learn how you can get on an advance list to receive our groundbreaking technology.

Kim Lavine, Founder CEO; kim@heugenis.com; +1-616-502-7296

Richard Alligan, Co-Founder; richard@heugenis.com; +1-616-843-6561 or +973-3638-3694