We’re leveraging cutting-edge research to develop an exciting, device-based treatment, proven in non-human university studies and early clinical human studies to decrease harmful chemical processes in the brain directly related to the disease.


Heugenis is a medical wearable technology company bringing hope to millions suffering from Alzheimer’s disease through a patent-pending, easy-to-use, non-drug approach. Leveraging cutting-edge research proven in early clinical trials to decrease harmful chemical processes in the brain related to the disease, we are launching our flagship product Memory Lenses™ direct to consumers across the global marketplace in 2019.

Now, as easy as putting on glasses, Alzheimer’s sufferers can apply beneficial therapy with Heugenis Memory Lenses™ in the comfort of their own homes, or in any setting, for as little as twenty minutes a day, while allowing them to watch TV, spend time with loved ones, or partake in other normal activity.

The speed-to-market advantage, reasonable consumer cost, and safety of Heugenis Memory Lenses™ are all favorable factors for the rapid adoption of our wearable tech by the current 30 million Alzheimer’s sufferers globally.

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There are 30 million people globally suffering from Alzheimer’s and that number is expected to triple by 2050. There is an urgent need to develop new treatments and make them available to sufferers on an expedited time-line at a reasonable cost.
Our provisional patent application expands the use of existing technology to medical applications, providing the consumer with the choice to try our safe, non-drug and non-invasive therapy under the supervision of their doctor’s care and in concert with existing drug regimens.